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Free Courses!

Several prestigious universities are offering free courses online.
   ADVICE: Instead of taking remedial classes at your college, take them online without cost.

Center for Online Education's Guide to Free Online Courses

University of the People - Free, accredited, 2-yr, 4-yr., MBA degrees in Business Administration, Computer Science, Health Science. Leadership from Columbia, Harvard, Stanford, Yale. Academic partnerships with UC Berkeley and NYU. - Free online math classes: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, calculus, statistics. - MIT, Harvard, U-California-Berkley, U-Texas - 7 million students - 1,000+ courses, Academic credit

UDacity.comStanford University - 400,000 students - 18 courses - 62 University Partners - 3,352,319 students - 339 courses

Free Video Lectures: 1,000+ college courses & video lectures

Carnegie Mellon University - free self-paced courses that you can try anytime. 

Saylor University- 300+ Free courses for all. 

Marginal Revolution University (George Mason Univ.) - Free courses. 

The University of Wisconsin- Flexible Option Degree (Study Anywhere, Test online @ UW for credit)

WizIQ MOOCs:  Vedic Math: Learn how to do math quickly with this mental math system.